Sklar News Tracheal Hook Retractor 6" Sharp Prong Germany 78-3545 New

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Sklar News Tracheal Retractor. OR grade. New in the original sealed package. Some of the outer packages show shelf wear as pictured. 6" /15.2 cm, 1 sharp prong, manufactured in Germany of stainless steel. From the manufacturer: "used for holding cartilage out of the way during a tracheostomy. This instrument is similar to a Jackson tracheal hook, except that the holding hook and the handle hook face opposite directions. A Jackson tracheal hook features the working hook and the handle hook facing each other. The choice of which instrument to use is determined primarily by user preference and comfort. This product features a grooved, flat handle, 10mm at its widest point with a slight taper. The handle extends 9cm to a 2mm round shaft extending 6cm from the handle. The hook tip curves downward 7mm and tapers to a sharp, pointy tip."

MPN: 78-3545

Shipping Weight: 8 oz. Free shipping only available in the U.S.