Reel Splint Emergency Fracture Splint Bone Immobilizer Military OD Green Bag

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Model 8801 Reel Splint Emergency Lower Extremity Bone and Joint Immobilizer. These units were U.S. government issue and have never been used but as they are older stock some of the pads may be slightly dented. Comes as pictured with OD Green Carrying Case and Instruction Manual.

"This version of the Reel Splint Immobilizer has a unique twist. Two snap ring twist "Quick Disconnect" sleeves are positioned at the bottom or distal end of the splint. These sleeves allow the Reel's exclusive traction ratchet to be inserted into the distal portion of the splint. With the immobilizer component in the straight and neutral position, the ratchet can then be connected; thus creating the world's most highly effective long bone traction splint. In this traction configuration there are two vitally important developments incorporated into the splint's design:

  • ANATOMICAL PIVOTING ISCHIAL PAD: This assures proper alignment at and with the patient's "ischial pathway angle." Pivoting left or right, the ischial pad can be situated with proper and complete consideration of delicate proximal injury sites. The majority of femur fractures occur in this upper third portion of the thigh making this a major concern.
  • POSITIVE MIDLINE POF: Allows the knee to be slightly flexed and supported at an angle that emulates the patient's natural anatomical position of function (or POF). This is highly beneficial in achieving proper natural limb alignment during traction while positively effecting neuro vascular integrity.

Features and specs:

  • Weight: with Traction - 9 lbs., w/o Traction - 7 lbs.
  • Length Compressed: with Traction - 39.25", w/o Traction - 25.25"
  • Length Extended: with Traction - 51", w/o Traction - 37"
  • Width: Prox - 9.75", Middle - 10.75", Distal - 8.50"
  • Stored: Length - 17.75", Width -10"
  • Extrication handles-ideal for patient and extremity management
  • Wound visualization & treatment- strap design allows complete & total access
  • Limb repositioning-adapts readily for patient comfort or neuron-vascular restoration
  • Folding design for storage, autoclavable as well
  • Elevation stand is pin free-makes stand deployment, storage retractions & replacement simple
  • Single Hand Ratcheting Control-one medic can control both mechanical traction application & patient manual traction at the same time
  • Safety Traction Lock-when engaged, this lock feature disables the traction ratcheting knob, preventing any accidental loss of traction
  • Reel’s one-size-fits-all Ankle Hitch saves time, money & training while providing a significantly improved neutral foot position result. The smaller profile “wrap around” design leaves pulse points accessible

MPN: 8801

NSN #: 6515-01-250-8936

Shipping Weight: 12 lbs.