Henora 50 each Coil-IV Coiled Infusion IV Sets 10 Drop 96" NOS 2013

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Case of (50) each Henora Coil IV® Coiled I.V. Administration Sets. We acquired these from a medical auction. Please note that these are NOS (new old stock) and have Use By dates in 2013. For this reason we would recommend that they be used for Veterinary, Teaching / Training, or Non-Medical Use only.

From the manufacturer: "The Coiled IV Fluid and Blood Administration Set innovates one of the most basic aspects of Emergency Medical and Pre-Hospital Medicine, Advanced Life Support (ALS) and Frontline Military Trauma Care, making it the most efficient and compact device available today for the purpose of fluid delivery. What makes the Coil-IV significant is the unique design that makes the Coil-IV adjustable in length from 24" when removed from the sterile packaging, up to 96" as required for each individual case. While the basic IV Set has been available for all these uses, this is the only device of it's kind that specifically addresses the premium of having to complete a difficult task in a minimal amount of space."

  • 10 Drops/mL
  • 96" length w/Spike
  • (1) Needleless Injection Site
  • (1) Pre-Slit Injection Site
  • Spinlock Male Adaptor
  • Roller Clamp
  • Latex-free
  • DEHP-free
  • Priming volume: 10 mL

MPN: 80-4026-96101

Use By Date: various in 2013

Shipping Weight: 7 lbs.