Belmont Buddy Plus IV Fluid Blood Warmer w/ 3 Disposable Sets AC/DC New

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Belmont Buddy Plus Fluid / Blood Warmer w/ 3 each 905-00010 Disposable Sets. Please note that the "USE BY" date on the sets is 2009-01. We acquired these units from a medical auction and they are new in their original boxes as pictured. These units powered-up on battery power right out of the box but because of their age we cannot guarantee the life of the batteries. Functions properly on AC power as well and heated up to operating temperature quickly. See the 4th picture for complete specs.

"The Belmont buddy plus features close-to-the-patient warming for fluids and blood products. The power module mounts conveniently to an IV pole or litter and displays the fluid temperature and any alarm messages. The built-in battery allows for continuous warming during transport, power failures and even while recharging. The unique heater unit is safely placed next to the infusion site to ensure that there is no cooling as the fluid passes from the heater to the patient. The sophisticated design of the unit allows efficient warming without requiring a water bath, jacketed tubing, or microwaves. The disposable unit of the buddy plus can be used with any standard IV tubing, holds less than 7 milliliters, and features over 6 square inches of venting membrane. The membrane automatically removes the air routinely found in IV bags as well as the air that is out-gassed during warming. A flow control valve prevents air from being entrained into the flow. The disposable also features a built-in pressure regulating valve which prevents excessive line pressure, and a one-way valve to prevent accidental back flow, even if the set is placed below the patient. All safety features work seamlessly without any operator involvement. The set is tiny so that at the end of the case in can remain in line during patient transfer." Includes the following:

  • 905-00004 Buddy Plus Power Module
  • 905-00005 Heater Unit
  • 905-00010 (3) Each Disposable Sets
  • Quick Reference Guide
  • Operator / Service Manual
  • AC Cord

Shipping Weight: 20 lbs.