Austmel 27 Piece Collie Clip First Responder Set Stainless Steel Collieclip

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Austmel 27 Piece Collie Clip Assortment. We acquired this set from the U.S. Military. They have never been used but the Clip Bag has writing on the outer case with a wax pencil. As we more than one available the writing may vary from that pictured. Some of the clip components have stickers attached. The case features snap pockets for the clips and various pockets for the other components. Carry handle, 2 plastic buckles for hanging, 2 zipper closure and measures 19" x 10" x 3" when folded. The components list for well more than $1500.00!

From the Austmel website: "The Collie Clip is designed for use in and around Hospital Operating Theatres, performing a wide range of functions from a simple cable tidy or waste bag holder to holding & supporting intravenous drips and airway tubing. The multi function design of the Collie Clip allows for many attachments to be used simultaneously, and to grip the majority of surfaces and equipment used in a modern operating theatre. The collie clip is made of extremely durable, surgical grade stainless steel that can be decontaminated and sterilized safely." Here is exactly what you will receive:

  • 2530-12202 Collie Clip Bag
  • (8) each CC/PK/01 MK2 Collie Clips, "can be used as an IV/blood bag holder, airway management tool, urinary catheter holder, chest drainage bag holder, line or cable separator, swab bowl holder or a waste bag holder." NSN 6530-01-541-9123
  • (4) each CC/AIRWAY/T Airway Tidy, "the Collie Clip can be affixed to side of the stretcher with an airway tidy. These cater for both pediatric and adult diameters. By holding and supporting the airway tubes, it allows better positioning of the mask and facilitates a better seal on the patient furthermore, helping to prevent accidental removal." NSN 6530-01-541-9125 
  • (2) CCA/107 Waste Bag Supports/Swab Bowl Holder NSN 6530-01-541-9164 This attachment provides a lightweight practical and flexible solution for holding waste bags or a swab bowl. As with all Collie clips and attachments, once used and if required, it may be easily disassembled and decontaminated or sterilized, through a washer disinfector and autoclave minimizing potential risks or cross infections. For medical facility in the field, size, weight & mobility are high priorities.
  • (9) each CCA/105 IV/Blood Bag Holders, "With no feet and wheels, it is small lightweight and compact, easily packed away into a trauma pack or pouch. One or two IV hooks can be locked into the secondary jaws in the rear of the clip. (These can also be used for Urinary Catheter or Chest Drainage). Easily capable of holding 2 x 1 liters affixed in this instance to a cylindrical bar, alternatively a tented ward, car frame, branch or curtain, freeing up that extra pair of hands!" NSN 6530-01-541-9126
  • (3) each 2811-60008 Horizontal Line Separator, 20mm stainless steel NSN 6530-01-541-9187

Shipping Weight: 7 lbs.