Arjo Huntleigh 10 each Sara 3000 Flites Patient Lift Sling 440 lbs MFA3000

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Case of 10 each ArjoHuntleigh Sara 3000 Flites Patient Lift Sling. We acquired these slings from a medical auction and all are factory sealed. Manufactured in the Dominican Republic 2016. Compare online at about $288.00!

"Sara 3000 Flites for all general transfers and toileting activities with the SARA 3000 standing and raising aid. As a single patient disposable sling, the ArjoHuntleigh Flites accompany the patient throughout their stay, ensuring hygienic, comfortable and secure lifting routines. They cannot be washed and should be thrown away when soiled or when no longer needed. The Flites are an important element within many infection control policies. Careful patient assessment should be carried out prior to use of a standing and raising aid to ensure patient can weight bare on at least one leg and also has sufficient upper and lower body tone. It comes in one size with a Safe Working Load of 440 lbs/200 kg."

MPN: MFA3000-L1

Shipping: 12 lbs.