Marco Keratometer Model II Internal Readings Missing Eyepiece 3004

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Marco Keratometer II. Please note that this unit is missing the Eyepiece and the Chin Adjustment Knob is bent as pictured. Otherwise the unit is in very good condition as pictured and we are not sure if it has ever been put into service. Unit powers-up. All workings were smooth.

"The Marco Keratometer II is a one-position instrument for objectively measuring corneal curvature. The Keratometer II has the added feature of internal readings for the presbyopic practitioner or those who prefer to work in subdued lighting where external readings are difficult. By simply rotating the Keratometer until a major axis is located, curvatures in both major and minor meridians can readily be measured. Marco Keratometers assure objective accuracy in such measurements as well as in the fitting of contact lenses. Manufactured with brass and stainless steel moving parts for durability, Marco Keratometers incorporate such other features as precision objectives, achromatic prisms, and uniform diffuse illumination."

MPN: 3004

SN: M2002

Shipping Weight: 22 lbs.