DeRoyal 50 each #20 Sterile Disposable Safety Scalpel w/ Retractable Blade D4520

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50 each DeRoyal #20 Sterile Disposable Safety Scalpel w/ Stainless Steel Retractable Blade. Please note that these have a short Use By Date of 2018-07. All are factory sealed. "The industry’s only patented* safety scalpel that allows a controlled retraction of the entire blade, Safe and easy to open, with temporary forward locking to prevent accidental retractions, Permanent lock position for disposal, Ribbed, slip-resistant finger grips for a secure hold in gloved hands, accommodating a variety of hand positions, High-visibility red color denotes a biohazard to ensure proper disposal in sharps container, Full blade visibility at all times to reduce the chance of accidental injury, Clinically reviewed and industry-listed as sharps safety device meeting O.S.H.A. requirements".

MPN: D4520

Shipping Weight: 2 lbs.