Avalo AC Auto-Relock Lockable Medication Cart Artromick ACS Compact Height

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170.00 LBS
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Avalo AC Auto-Relock Lockable Medication Cart from Artromick. Model ACS Compact Height. We do not have the key but the unit opened when plugged in using 1 2 3 4 as the code. It also locked when pressing the "secure" button. The date is correct but the time is not. We do not have the manual and do not know how to access the menu. Unit is in very good condition as pictured with the exception of the bottom plastic trim is broken / missing on the front left side. The bottom drawer also has a lock on the left side but no key is included. The battery will also need to be replaced as it will not take a charge. The charger is working correctly. That is the extent of our testing. Replacement battery is a Power Sonic PS-1218ONB. They run around $45.00 and are easy to replace.

Shipping Weight: 170 lbs. including pallet